A NaMTOK representative is able to investigate any site within their indicated areas for historical significance.

Provide solutions that are mutually beneficial to the individual and to the community.

NaMTOK are recognised by the Local Council Authorities as the group that represents Tangata whenua for the area. Therefore their findings and recommendations will be upheld in LORE/LAW.

NaMTOK representatives are experienced in the culturally appropriate exhumation and uplifting of remains "Koiwi".

Can perform culturally appropriate events such as; Blessings, Openings, Commerations and Afterbirths.

NaMTOK representatives are willing to educate and teach individuals or groups the historical culture, knowledge and practices (Kawa) of the Tainui Tribe (the way things 'were' done).

NaMTOK offers expert advice on Maori issues

NaMTOK can perform pre-purchase assessments on properties, to determining if there are any aspects of historical or cultural significance that might effect property evaluations or future development possibilities.

NaMTOK provides for the Commemoration of historical areas, including Pou whenua.

NGA MANA TOOPU O KIRIKIRI - "Providing Iwi Environmental Solutions"